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Did you find your dream boat on eBay or another boat classified website? Nervous about making such a large payment to someone you don´t know?
Easy Boat Import will handle and secure the payment with the seller for a smooth transaction.
We offer protection and peace of mind by paying with a certified bank check and/or U.S wire bank to bank. Money is transferred directly to your seller and you do not put your investment or money at risk. Our transactions are 100% traceable.


  • Deck / superstructure and cockpit: drainage, corrosion and delamination.
  • Hull and below the waterline: rudder construction, propelier shaft, anchor chain box, bow thruster and keel structure.
  • Rigging / deck fittings: attachments, chain plates, mast sagging and rigging condition.
  • Any sails: sprayhoods, cockpit tents, etc. are also assessed.
  • Steering system fastening: cylinder, end stops and wear.
  • Motor and drive: noise, leakage and temperates.
  • Interior: leakage, constructions, loose panels and moisture (non-destructive).
  • Fuel system: tank, hoses and filters.
  • Drinking water system: tank, pipes and (water) pumps.
  • Waste water system: tank, hoses and deck drainage.
  • Gas equipment: bun, pipe, hoses, emergency valves and the like. This concerns a visual inspection (excl, certificate).
  • Electrical equipment: operation, fuses, colour coding, lashings.
  • Navigation and communication equipment: on/off features will be assessed + clearly visible defects.
  • Other technical components: anchor winch, propeller shaft sealing, heating.
  • Safety equipment.

The Boat Test package is comprised of a comprehensive inspection to be conducted by one of our experts at the vessel´s current location, anywhere in the USA

Jeremy DERAY

CEO, Easy Boat Import

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